Adult Pottery Classes, Clay Sales, Open Studio for Potters and Sculptors


January 21st and March 11th

11am-1pm (or finish)
Instructor:  Kate Tonguis, $250

In this seminar we will investigate the best methods to achieve high copper finishes on raku fired pottery.  On day one we will discuss the most successful forms, clay bodies and glazes for raku firing.  After this initial meeting you will have until March 11th to prepare your work for firing.  I will be available for consult by email, in person or by telephone during the entire prep period.  Participants may make up to 16 pieces for this workshop.  Firings will take place at a home in Lakeview.  Maximum of six students.

March 25
th and 26th
11am-3pm with a break for lunch
Instructor:  Kate Tonguis, $150

In this workshop we will explore pattern making and stiff slab construction to create a vessel using these new methods.  If you have been around the studio and seen my large jars this is how they are created.  On day one we will discuss the process, make and cut out our patterns and cut out our slabs.  Day two is all about pulling it together.  I find the joy in this process to be Day Two’s almost instant gratification!  I guarantee that this is a must process for your creative tool box.  Maximum of six students.

April 1
st and 2nd
11am-3pm with a break for lunch
Instructor:  Kate Tonguis, $150

Grab a wheel and let’s put a lid on it!  We will explore as many different forms with lids on them as we can squeeze in day.  Think boxes, casseroles, jars, etc.  On day two we will trim them and add knobs or handles if necessary.  Requires an ability to center two pounds of clay and a sense of humor.  Maximum of six students.

April 22nd
10 – 3pm with a break for lunch

Instructor:  Susan Bergman, $95

Add greater depth and interest to your ceramic surfaces with underglaze transfers and decals.  I’ll show you how to transfer colorful, commercially produced patterns onto leatherhard, bisqued, and glaze-fired ware, and how to incorporate those elements into your own, individual, designs.  By selectively trimming, layering with slips, carving through, or embellishing these happy little scraps, you can achieve surfaces that are both surprising and sophisticated.  I’ll supply a range of transfers and test tiles, but please bring some of your own leatherhard and/or glazed work to experiment with, and a pair of sharp scissors.  Minimum of three, maximum of seven students.

May 6th
10 – 3pm with a break for lunch

Instructor:  Susan Bergman, $95

Nothing dresses up a flat surface like ceramic tile.  Whether you’re planning a backsplash, a tabletop, a fireplace, a wall hanging, or just want to fool around with a bunch of individual squares, I can show you how to plan and execute a range of graphic and textural possibilities.  In this introduction to tile design, we’ll work with both light and dark stoneware, concentrating on electric firing to cone 5/6.  We’ll discuss cutting, extruding, shrinkage, and warping, and will play with two- and three-dimensional designs for both singles and multiples.  Surface decoration, relief carving, and textural embellishments will figure prominently in our day.  I’ll provide tile samples, but you’ll also make plenty of your own.  Bring any carving tools you may have, and an Exacto knife.  Minimum of three, maximum of seven students.

Posh Clay Pottery Studio

Back by popular demand!
May 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24

10-2:30 pm with a break for lunch
Instructors:  Susan Bergman  $295

Totem poles are all the rage! They are a great way to express yourself, whether you lean toward the abstract and architectural, or the representative and exotic.  From inception to completion we will help you create you very own totem pole on the wheel or by hand building.  We will start with your initial sketch and move forward from there.  We’ll address structures for supporting totems for both inside and outside use, and help you build and embellish your forms to realize your vision.  Some prior clay experience will be helpful.  Minimum of four, maximum of seven students.  Please bring a sketch pad and pencil.

July 8
th and 15th
11am to 3pm with a break for lunch
Instructors:  Susan Bergman and Michele, $150

Is there anything more fabulous than a teapot? With their fat little bellies and funny, sometimes crazy, spouts? We want to help you make the teapot of your dreams, emphasizing both function and gesture.  One day one we will tackle either throwing or hand building the body of your teapot(s). On day two, we go all out with lids, spouts, handles, feet, and embellishments galore.   With both Susan and Kate to help, you’re sure to walk away from this venture a very happy mud puppy!  If you plan to throw, you should be able to center two pounds.  If you’re a hand builder, you’re good to go at any level.    Minimum four, maximum seven students.

August 5
10am to 3pm with a break for lunch
Instructor:  Susan Bergman, $95

Dinner ware and the pieces used to serve meals should both showcase the food they hold and complement the environment in which they are doing their job.  Whether the context is homey and simple, or sleek and sophisticated, the shape, heft, decoration, and gesture of plates, platters, and other serving ware should enhance the experience of those around the table.   Using bisque molds and a few  basic hand building techniques, we’ll consider the interaction of  handles, feet, rims, and pedestals with the people (and food) who use them.  Our goal is to construct a set of serving pieces that work harmoniously together.   Plates?  Platters?  Turreens?  A mix and match?  Call me before the workshop if you have a specific project in mind (504-284-8787), or email me at susanbergman504@gmail.com.  Minimum three students, maximum six.

August 12th
11am to 3pm with a break for lunch

Instructor:  Michele, $95

What the heck is a double walled vessel and why do I want to make one?  Well, they range from totally practical (think a pet bowl) to the mind-blowingly elegant (think copper underlayment with carving and swirls and …..).  This is a skill that will require practice but will open you to a whole new level of art pottery.  Must be able to center and throw three pounds.  Maximum seven students.

September 2
11am to 3pm
Instructor:  Michele, $95

This seminar is to help you work out the kinks in your throwing.  We all have that one step we struggle with; come on in and let me help you make it go away.  I have been teaching wheel work for 26 years and have made thousands of pots.  Trust me, I can help. No more boogey men for you! Must be able to center and throw two pounds.  Maximum six students.

September 9
th and 10th
10am – 2pm-ish both days
Instructor:  Susan Bergman, $150

Whether it holds extra buttons or the key to your heart, the clay box tells a story that is always at least partially concealed.   In this two-day workshop we will consider the box as both a practical and a metaphorical container, exploring the ways in which form and surface decoration can interact to produce a useful tool with a compelling narrative.   Using slabs, bisque molds, and the extruder, we’ll look at how to create strong seams, cut lids, plan for warping and shrinkage; how to incorporate handles and knobs; how to nest trays, cups, or additional boxes or sculptures inside the primary one; how to ensure a cohesive design; and how to craft the box so that individual components make sense whether they’re concealed or free-standing.   Some hand building experience will be handy.   Tools that will prove useful:  Exacto knife, rolling pin, stiff and flexible rubber ribs, smooth and serrated metal rib, pin tool.  Minimum two students, maximum seven.

September 23
10am – 2pm
Instructor:  Susan Bergman, $95

Colored slips can add layers of interest and individual expression to any clay creation.   Focusing on cone 5/6 stoneware, we will look at a range of techniques including sgraffito, mishima, and raised slip trailing for both light and dark clay bodies.   I’ll show you how to make and color your own slip with colorants including Mason stains, underglazes, and natural oxides.  Students who have greenware they’d like to decorate should bring it along; for those who don’t, I’ll provide a range of blanks.  Tools that will be useful if you have them:  Pin tool, mop brushes, metal rib, flexible rubber rib, containers to transport if you want to take some home.   All levels welcome.  Minimum three students, maximum seven.

NOTE:  Seminar reservations require a $50 non-refundable deposit.  Seminar deposits are not transferable.

Please bring a sweater to your workshop, MJ keeps it cold in the studio.

You may bring your lunch or run over to Jimmy John’s on the corner.  Lunch breaks are short and usually eaten in the building lobby.  No food is allowed in the studio or store but please bring a drink with a cover if you like.

Please call Mary Joan at (504) 884-3001 to reserve your space!